Our Programmes

Fónaic Le Fís

Fónaic le Fís is our innovative Irish phonics programme designed to go beyond sound recognition, empowering young learners not only to grasp Irish phonetics but also master reading and blending skills for comprehensive language experience.

Sound It Out – A Phonemic Awareness Tool for the Primary Classroom

The all-in-one Sound It Out Resource is an easy-to-use resource that is extremely versatile. Designed in collaboration with Deirdre O’Toole (Playful Classroom) making it the first of it’s kind designed for the Irish Classroom.

Move Write Handwriting

The Move Write Handwriting pupil books are developmentally designed to support the introduction of print or cursive handwriting styles, dependent on your learners developmental needs.

Spelling Made Fun

An innovative multi-sensory spelling programme developed specificall for Irish Primary Schools


SPHE For Me Contains dedicated activities to help you confidently deliver the SPHE curriculum in Ireland

Ready, Steady, Go – Mental Maths

Ready, Steady Go! Mental Maths is a series of 6 pupil books from 1st to 6th Class, written to provide pupils with the building blocks & strategies to enable them to make mental calculations necessary to engage fully with the concepts required by the Irish Primary School Mathematics Curriculum

Move Write, A Whole Body Sensorimotor Approach to Handwriting

A sensory motor approach to developing emergent handwriting skills. The programme aims to develop key fine motor, gross motor & visual perceptual skills that are foundational in the development of handwriting skills.

Spelling Made Fun

An innovative multi-sensory spelling programme developed specificall for Irish Primary Schools

Just Cursive Handwriting Programme

The Just Cursive Handwriting programme provies a carefully designed and sequenced programme to enable the introduction of a cursive style of handwriting from the beginning of schooling.

180 Days of English

180 Days of English is a new programme designed to help pupils to progress in their language learning and development. Original texts will engage children to build their reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary and grammar, and writing skills.

Big Ideas!

Practical guides for teaching fundamental skills!

Home School Record Books

Just Rewards have developed a range of Home School Record Books for reading, spelling & homework diaries to keep a log of pupils’ reading, spelling, tables, handwriting & homework in full colour designs.

Physical Education for Leaving Certificate

A programme created by teachers for teachers! This programme was developed to be student friendly, utilising feedback from phase one students over their two year course

Aistear Activities

Aistear Activities is a new programme designed to enable Early Childhood Educators & Primary School Teachers to introduce Aistear themes in a clear, simple & fun way!

Scríobh Liom

An Irish series of Pupil Books with all of the material needed to teach cursive handwriting from Junior Infants to 2nd Class.