Project Description

A programme created by teachers for teachers! The authors of this book are experienced practicing Physical Education teachers who have undertaken the phase 1 implementation of the new Leaving Certificate Physical Education course.
This programme was developed to be student friendly, utilising feedback from phase 1 students over their two year course. The pack includes aStudent book, a Coursework Planner and a free Teaching pack to schools adopting the programme.

Student book features:

• Full specification coverage including strand 1, strand 2, the Physical Activity Project and the Performance Assessment.
• Designed to cater for Higher and Ordinary level students.
• Bullet points, tables and diagrams have been used to keep the content concise and specific to potential exam mark schemes, thus making the course easier to teach and more manageable for students.
• Key terms identified and explained.
• Practice short and long answer questions included throughout every chapter to prepare students for the exam.
• Tips targeting exam performance such as memory aids.
• Learning tasks designed to challenge and engage students in the learning.
• Group work tasks designed to increase student engagement in the content and develop leadership & teamwork skills.
• Practical tasks designed to reinforce the theoretical knowledge by engaging students through physical activity in order to meet the learning outcomes.
• Apply it! Used to relate the theoretical content to sporting examples in order to enhance understanding and spark interest in the topic.
• Expand your Knowledge sections allow students to delve deeper into a topic.
• Case studies ensure students get the chance to practice interpreting information and answer questions in the same way as required for the exam.
• End of Chapter Assignments can be used as summative assessments to track student progress.

Coursework Planner:
This booklet is designed to simplify the collection of evidence for the PAP and the PA and includes:
• Planning the Physical activity project (PAP): Providing a link to the textbook allowing students to analysis areas of performance relevant to the theoretical content in chapters 1-6.
• Finalising the PAP: Provides a proforma similar to the SEC booklet for students to write up their project.
• The Performance Assessment: Explains the three scenarios and links with the specification, guidance on collecting video evidence and video editing.
• Planning your Performance Assessment: Provides proformas for planning and collecting video evidence based on the assessment criteria.

Teaching Pack
Complete teaching pack for all teachers adopting the programme including:
• Free copy of the student book
• Complete set of powerpoint Lessons covering all topics in strand one and two. This will remove the preparation workload on the teacher and give you the resources you need to cover all the learning outcomes. These lessons are aligned with each chapter of the book and include:
– the key content of the chapter;
– practice questions
– case studies
– individual and group learning tasks
– videos
– discussion tasks
– pictures and illustrations from the book
– diagrams, charts and graphs
– relevant examples
– assignments (summative assessment)
• Teachers guide: Keep on track with your teaching schedule with a tried and tested two year scheme of work and step-by-step guidance for every chapter linking the powerpoint slides to the book.
– Course overview
– Guide to using the student book and coursework planner
– Two year scheme of work
– Course progress tracker
– Chapter by chapter guide including the answers to all practice questions, tasks and assignments
– Physical Activity Project guide and sample
– Performance Assessment guide
– Exam guide

Physical Education for Leaving Cert