Ready, Steady, Go! Mental Maths is written to provide pupils with the building blocks and strategies to enable them to make the mental calculations and connections necessary.

  • Opportunity for weekly assessment and monitoring of pupils progress with the Friday Challenge

  • Target Board activities

  • Counting Stick and Number Line activities

  • Maths Stories, Practical Activities and Puzzles

  • An emphasis on real life mathematical situations and

Structured daily mental maths programme

Each book contains an easy-to-follow 32-week mental maths & problem-solving programme designed to develop, strengthen & consolidate pupils’ math skills & concepts

Online resources for support and pupil engagement

All our Ready Steady Go Mental Maths Workbooks  are available online to upload onto our interactive whiteboards to help promote engagement and increase support in your classroom.

Additional resources available

Our Target Boards are created to be used in conjunction with the Ready, Steady, Go! Mental Maths Programme. Each target board contains a unique set of age appropriate maths questions.

Complimentary interactive answers keys

Our interactive answer keys can be uploaded onto your interactive whiteboard to help promote engagement and increase support in your classroom