Spelling Made Fun Pupil Workbook G


  • 32 weekly units of work with 16 spellings in each unit. Each unit has 2 pages of fun activities to reinforce the spelling.
  • The wordlists include suffixes –able, -ssion, -ful, -al, -ion, -ment, -ance, -ate, -ant, -ard, -ery, -ic, and- ary, the prefixes per, mis, dis, and ex, silent letter combinations with d and n, homophones and the counties in Ireland .
  • The activities include crosswords, close procedure exercises , phonic activities , spelling rules –eg –cial or -tial, plural rules , rules when adding suffixes ,adding prefixes, spelling tips , word searches, word shapes, homophones, mnemonics, finding little words in the bigger words , putting words into sentences , unjumbling sentences, matching phrases to make sentences, segmenting words into syllables, matching words to their definitions, using a thesaurus to find synonyms, antonyms and alphabetical order, activities on collective and proper nouns, adverbs and adjectives.
  • Dictation is an essential element of the programme. It is designed to accompany the Spelling Made Fun With patterns Teachers Guide Higher Book 3 level 7.

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