• Rory’s Story Cubes MAX Edition

Rory’s Story Cubes® MAX is the new, larger version of Rory’s Story Cubes® Original. The new cubes are 30mm, enabling Rory’s Story Cubes® to be enjoyed by more people and be used for group activities more easily.

The MAX set have been specially designed to help with:

  • Supporting reduced motor skills - For some players with reduced motor skills it is difficult to pick up small objects.
  • Supporting reduced vision acuity - Some players find small images difficult to read.
  • Avoiding accidental choking hazards - We have learned that for some players it is important that the dice are made bigger to avoid choking.
  • Group Training - Trainers and facilitators working in larger groups would also like bigger cubes to aid group storytelling.

Rory’s Story Cubes® are popular with Trainers, Therapists, Life Coaches, Teachers, Illustrators, Drama Students, Gamers and more. Rory’s Story Cubes® MAX are played in exactly the same way as the original Rory’s Story Cubes®

The larger set has the same high quality design standard and de-embossed images as the portable set.

Box size: 165 x 163 x 63mm

Weight: 575g

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Rory’s Story Cubes MAX Edition

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