Fónaic Le Fís is an innovative Irish phonics programme designed to go beyond sound recognition, empowering young learners to not only grasp Irish phonetics but also master reading and blending skills for comprehensive language experience.

A systematic programme covering phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics and reading skills. Blending playful approaches with explicit teaching to modernise the teaching of Fónaic na Gaelige and make the learning experience fun and engaging for children.

Fónaic Le Fís Leabhar A Pack (Including Leabhrán Fuaime)

The Fónaic le Fís Leabhar A Pack contains write-in pupil books providing fun and engaging lesson activities for young children in their first year of learning to read and write as Gaeilge.

Fónaic le Fís Leabhar A:

  • Introduces 25 initial sounds as Gaeilge, each with its own engaging character and song sung by John Spillane.
  • Consolidates phonological awareness learning covered by the Phonemic awareness drills in the ‘Leabhar an Mhúinteora’.
  • Teaches children how to use their phoneme knowledge to read and write decodable words.
  • Teaches 20 irregularly spelled words using the ‘heart word approach’.
  • Covers 55 out of the top 100 most frequently found words in early years Irish books (35 decodable words and 20 heart words).
  • Comes with step-by-step lesson structures and comprehensive support, provided in the Fónaic le Fís – Leabhar an Mhúinteora’.

Fónaic le Fís Leabhrán Fuaime:

  • An A5 practice book to revise the 25 sounds.
  • Complete with cuttable sound flashcards and heart word reference sheets.
  • It contains a page for each sound and space to draw or stick images beginning with that sound. It comes the children’s very own fóclóir
  • Contains a list of the Focail Chroíthe covered in Leabhar A to make revision at home easy!

Fónaic Le Fís Leabhar Amhrán

Fonaic le Fis Leabhrán Amhrán is a collection of songs set to popular Irish tunes for each of the 25 letter sounds. Each are accompanied by its own inviting and friendly character.

These songs are sung by John Spillane. Perfect for use at home, one-to-one teaching or small groups.

Fónaic le Fís A Leabhar an Mhúinteora

*12 weeks’ worth of phonemic awareness drills, designed to develop students’ in the following areas; syllable awareness, rhyming awareness, phoneme identification, oral blending and segmenting, and word awareness.
*Lesson templates for each of the 25 sounds covered in Leabhar A, providing structured guidance for the teaching of Fónaic na Gaeilge.
*Lesson templates for the 20 ‘Focail Chroíthe’ covered in Leabhar A.
*Decodable word banks provided for each of the 6 sound groups.
*Printable resources including assessment and dictation sheets and trackers to monitor student progress.
*Playful learning ideas for teaching phonological awareness and phonics and for introducing reading and writing as Gaeilge in your classroom.
*Access to the 25 character songs sung by John Spillane.

Fónaic Le Fís Flashcards

Fónaic le Fís Flashcards contain eight sets of flashcards in one pack, suitable for whole-class use:


Set 1: Decodable Flashcards Qty 59
Set 2: Decodable Flashcard Pictures (Qty 59)
Set 3: Decodable Flashcard Words (Qty 59)
Set 4: Flashcards (80 x 80) (Qty 176)
Set 5: High Frequency Words (Qty 55)
Set 6: Rim Flashcards (Qty 49)
Set 7: Siollaí Flashcards (Qty 42)
Set 8: Heart Cards (A5) Qty 20