Sound It Out Complete Kit: A Phonemic Awareness Tool for the Primary Classroom

The all-in-one Sound It Out Resource is an easy-to-use resource that is extremely versatile. Designed in collaboration with Deirdre O’ Toole (Playful Classroom) making it the first of it’s kind designed for the Irish classroom.

It can be used alongside any synthetic phonics programme and aligned with any scope and sequence, as a stand-alone resource to explore articulatory gestures during phonemic awareness instruction, and as a reference for spelling.

Sound it Out includes everything busy teachers need to introduce a sound wall into their classrooms. Suitable for Junior Infants – Second Class or SET

Kit includes: Teachers guide, Sound Wall Cards, Spelling Cards, Flipbook & Pupil Practice Book

Sound It Out Teachers Manual

This contains valuable information to support your phonemic awareness and phonics instruction.

Manual includes:

  • One full page dedicated to each phoneme
  • Information on how each sound is articulated
  • Most common ways of spelling each phoneme

Sound It Out Flipbook

The flipbook is for teaching and focusing on a particular phoneme.

One side of the page is a large picture of a mouth which can be shown  to the children, on the reverse side are instructions for the teacher.

Sound It Out Practice Pupil Book

Designed for children to practice pronouncing sounds at home.

  • Our pupil book contains a page for each phoneme for children to recognise and practice
  • Each page contains explicit instruction on how the sound is articulated along with a photograph to copy
  • A mirror is contained within the pupil book for the children to observe their own mouth position
  • Information for parents is also included for each sound

Sound Wall & Spelling Cards

  • Our sound wall cards are for building a sound wall display in your classroom
  • There is one card for each phoneme in the English language
  • Each card has a mouth photograph and a keyword picture
  • Our spelling cards are also for the sound wall display
  • These cards are placed underneath the sound wall cards when a new letter-sound is taught