Move Write Handwriting is developmentally designed to support the introduction of print or cursive handwriting styles, dependent on your learners’ developmental needs.

Each book is accompanied by a free Prepare to Write pupil book presenting 20 step-by-step drawings that are based on 9 geometric shapes from the Beery test of visual integration.

  • A developmentally designed handwriting practice book that supports the introduction of print handwriting.
  • Child-led, sensory-rich developmental approach.
  • Suitable for whole-class or one-to-one settings with individual learners.
  • Whole body Approach to Handwriting programme.
  • Includes a pre-writing checklist based on Beery’s Developmental Test of Visual-Integration
  • Motor Integration (1989). Research suggests that formal handwriting training should be delayed until the child can successfully copy basic geometric shapes (includ veritcal/horizontal line, a circle, a cross, a right oblique line, a square, a left oblique line, an oblique cross & triangle). For this reason book A provides multiple practice activities for learners to develop competence and confidence in mastering these geometric shapes.
  • Suggested letter groupings.