Move Write is a sensory motor approach to developing emergent handwriting skills.

Move Write aims to develop key fine motor, gross motor & visual perceptual skills that are foundational in the development of handwriting skills. The programme provides rich, sensory experiences essential to the programme which adopts playful approach blended with explicit instruction.

The Move Write Programme Includes:

  • Move Write Teacher’s Manual
  • Copy Me Flipbook
  • Visual Skills Practice Book
  • A4 Motor Skills Activity Cards
  • 4 A3 Posters
  • Copy Me Video Tutorial

Move Write Teacher’s Manual

The Teacher’s Manual provides an overview of the programme, including how to prepare for & implement the programme.

  • Session overviews
  • Teacher assessments
  • Gross motor teaching notes with images & directions
  • How to best use the Visual Skills Practice book
  • Visual Aids

A4 Spiral Bound 116pg

Copy Me Flipbook

An easy-to-use resource to support the development of childrens’ gross motor skills.

  • Children can imitate the colourful characters to perform 30 gross motor activities
  • Show the exercise, read the prompt & encourage your pupils to copy the movement!

A4 Spiral Flipbook 60pg

Copy Me Video Tutorials

Live action audio-visual resource showing each gross motor activity being carried out in an easy-to-follow step-by-step manner.

Click here to watch!

Visual Skills Practice Book

An easy-to-use resource to help children develop visual perceptual skills that are foundational to the development of handwriting skills.

Activities focus on the 4 key visual perception skills:

  • Visual discrimination
  • Visual closure
  • Form constancy
  • Visual-sequential memory
  • Also available to purchase seperately

A4 Workbook 108pg

Fine Motor Activity Cards

A pack of 30 large activity cards providing a visual aid and step-by-step guide demonstrating the fine motor activities in the programme.

  • Each A4 card features one activity, providing a visual aid for those with a small group or individual child
  • Step-by-step words and actions included for finger play activities

A4 Activity Cards 33pg