Project Description

The Just Cursive Handwriting scheme provides a carefully designed and
sequenced programme to enable the introduction of a cursive style of
handwriting from the beginning of schooling. This adheres to the
principles of the new Primary Language Curriculum. Written by an
experienced practicing Primary School Teacher, Just Cursive is the
ultimate choice in introducing cursive handwriting to your school.
• Presents age appropriate content and challenges at each year level.
• Features a handy prompt at the top of each page to show correct handwriting set-up (posture,
pencil and position)
• Supports cross-curricular learning opportunities at every level
• Handwriting worksheets with a developmental approach to cursive handwriting.
• Introduction to correct formation of lower and upper case letters.
• Is phonetically prepared and includes CVC words, word families, vowel diagraphs, etc
• Includes trac light self assessment on each page
• Comes with a practice copy for Junior and Senior Infants books for further practice and to
support home school links.
• Introduction to correct formation of numbers and number words.
• Common sight words to match each letter.
• Extra handwriting practice in Junior; Senior Infants books – 2 full pages per letter
• Regular revision and consolidation self-assessment framework.
• Is aligned to the Primary Language Curriculum
• Appealing artwork which further develops fine motor skills.
• Available from pre-Junior Infants to 4th Class
• Introduces letters in letter families (c,a,d,g,o,s)
• Supports letter formation through clear, fun and appealing visuals
• Free alphabet frieze AND 5,4,3,2,1 perfect posture poster for each class adopting the

Just Cursive Handwriting Pre-Writing Patterns

Just Cursive Handwriting Junior Infants (Book & Practice Copy)

Just Cursive Handwriting Senior Infants (Book & Practice Copy Set)

Just Cursive Handwriting 1st Class

Just Cursive Handwriting 2nd Class

Just Cursive Handwriting 3rd Class

Just Cursive Handwriting 4th Class

Just Cursive Alphabet Wall Freize

Just Cursive Desk Strips Pack of 30

Just Cursive Teacher’s Letters & Picture Cards