Project Description

SPHE for Me contains dedicated activities to help you confidently deliver the SPHE curriculum in Ireland.

· Comprehensive curriculum coverage with an activity provided for every learning outcome
· Creative activities employ a wide variety of teaching methods
· Cross-curricular approach assists with integrated delivery of the curriculum
· Workbooks enable children to record their own learning journey
· Supplementary resources available online enhance children’s learning experience

SPHE for Me is a comprehensive and creative programme mapped to the SPHE Primary School Curriculum. It offers a range of learning experiences, including role-play, debates and discussions, brainstorming sessions, co-operative games and research tasks. Every activity is also accompanied by a colourful workbook page to provide children with opportunities to respond to the key themes and issues.
Six colourful workbooks provide lively and engaging activities for children from 1st to 6th Class. They offer a variety of approaches, such as games and puzzles, drawing and writing, discussion prompts, guided research, engaging narratives, and more.
The workbooks will enable children to build a unique portfolio of their work, supporting assessment. They also include a self-assessment feature on each page, using child-friendly I can … statements.

The teacher’s book includes activities for two years of the course with two linking class workbooks, for the convenience of teaching mixed classes. Each activity offers clear guidance on how to lead a creative and absorbing learning session.
With a focus on paired and group work, the activities put a strong emphasis on children collaborating and communicating with others.
The teacher’s book is mapped closely to the strand units of the SPHE curriculum, with an activity provided for each specific learning outcome. A planning grid provides an at-a-glance overview.
To support integrated teaching of the curriculum, SPHE for Me takes a strong cross-curricular approach, providing children with rich experiences across a breadth of subjects, including visual arts, SESE, maths and language.

SPHE For Me Pupil Books

SPHE For Me – 1st Class

SPHE For Me – 2nd Class

SPHE For Me – 3rd Class

SPHE For Me – 4th Class

SPHE For Me – 5th Class

SPHE For Me – 6th Class

SPHE For Me Teacher Guides

SPHE For Me Teaching Guide – 1st & 2nd Class

SPHE For Me Teaching Guide – 3rd & 4th Class

SPHE For Me Teaching Guide – 5th & 6th Class