Spelling Made Fun Pupil Workbook F


  • 32 weekly units of work with 16 spellings in each unit. Each unit has 2 pages of fun activities to reinforce the spelling.
  • The wordlists include words beginning with sw, shr and thr , ph says f words, ch says k words, words with silent l combination, the suffixes –tion, -ect, -ity, -ic,- cial, -our, -sion, -ible, -tive, -ment, -el, -al,-ate, -gue, -ious, -ous, -ant . prefix dis and countries.
  • The activities include crosswords, close procedure exercises , phonic activities , spelling rules – eg i before e except after c, plural rules , rules when adding suffixes , spelling tips , word searches,homophones, mnemonics, finding little words in the bigger words , putting words into sentences, unjumbling sentences, matching phrases to make sentences, segmenting words into syllables,matching words to their definitions, synonyms, antonyms and alphabetical order, activities on collective and proper nouns, adverbs and adjectives.
  • Dictation is an essential element of the programme. It is designed to accompany the Spelling Made Fun With patterns Teachers Guide Higher Book 3 level 6

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